Northern Arizona Flex Leagues

NAZ Adult League Regulations shall apply with the following supplemental information:

  • USTA Player waiver must be completed prior to registering for flex league.
  • Flex League play is non-advancing and results will not affect year-end NTRP ratings.
  • USTA membership is not required, but NTRP rating is required.
    • Have a USTA TennisLink account, and your rating has expired?
  • Log in to your TennisLink Account and follow the SELF RATE link
    • Brand new to USTA Leagues and have never had a TennisLink account?
  • Click HERE and set up an account for free. Complete SELF RATE process above.
  • Minimum of 4 matches using round robin format. One match assigned per week. Players should agree on date,
    time, and location of the match within 1 week of date scheduled in TennisLink when possible.
    • Matches CAN be played at any time (agreed upon by players) and in any order if all matches are
      completed and recorded in TennisLink by the season deadline (August 17, 2020).
  • Player(s) listed as “home” should initiate contact and provide new balls for the match. Players are to split court
    costs, if applicable.
  • Scoring formats
    • Singles and Mixed Doubles – 8 game pro-set with a 7 point set tie-break will be played if game score gets
      to 8-8. Winning score would be 9-8.
    • Men’s & Women’s Doubles – best 2 of 3 sets with a 10-point match tiebreaker played in lieu of a third
      set and scored as 1-0.
  • ‘Home’ Player/Team is responsible to enter match results in TennisLink within 24 hours of match completion,
    whenever possible. Scores should be reviewed and verified by opponent.

Scheduling Tips

  • All players are encouraged to make contact at the beginning of the season to start the scheduling dialog. Verify
    best mode of communication.
  • Some player’s schedules are more compatible than others. Schedule and play the most convenient matches
    first. Acknowledge opponent’s calls or emails, even if you are unavailable to play. Failure to respond may result
    in a match default.

When registering for a Flex League event, a waiver form prompt should have followed the sign up form. If you did not fill out the waiver form, or you would like to view it, please click HERE.

Please click the button below to fill out the form. 

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All scores will reported through TennisLink.